Saturday, February 28, 2009

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Using the Law of Attraction to create huge profits in your business

I knew that for me to become very successful in business I would have to use both physical and non-physical tools to make it happen. The physical tools would be things like marketing, managing my business, and talking all the actions on a daily basis I need to build the business. The non- physical tools I used which were as important, would help me aligning my vibration of wealth and success with that of the universe, thus bringing that success to me. This force, I am referring to, which brings us what we are asking for, is called the Law Of Attraction.

I have been a student of the Law Of Attraction for over 20 years now. In my studying, practicing, and ultimately using this most amazing Law I have been able to create much success in business and a great life for myself, you can too.. Today well focus on using this law to create wealth in your business; however understand that the LOA works across the board in any area of your, relationships, your living situation and career to name a few.

This LOA is perhaps the most powerful force in the universe and has been credited with the very creation of life itself. Everything we attract into our lives, whether it's a cup of coffee, a winning lottery ticked, business success or the perfect relationship, we do so by our thinking, believing and intimately vibrating it into our existence. OK, before I talk about using the LOA to make money in your business there are a few points you must understand first and perhaps the most important, is how the LOA works. The law of attraction is a universal law, and works like this. You attract what you vibrate, simple as that The LOA responds to your vibrations. Your vibration is what your putting out on a deep level as a result of the thoughts you’re thinking. THOUGHTS CREATE VIBRATION,. THOSE VIBRATIONS GO OUT INTO YHE COSMOS AND THE LAW OF ATTRACTION MATCHES THE VIBRATIONS YOUR SENDING OUT AND BRINGS BACK TO YOU MORE OF THE SAME .

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At any given time we basically have two types of vibrations were putting out, positive and negative, Every thought and feeling we have will fit into one of these two categories. The LOA is constantly checking to see what vibration we’re having, and matches that vibration and brings us back more of the same. SO, if you are attracting negative things to you in a particular area of your life, most likely you're putting out a negative vibration .in that area And vice versa, If you're attracting great things, exactly, what were looking for. If your "on a roll" so to speak it's the LOA responding to your positive vibrations or state of mind and bringing you more of the same.

This LOA, is obedient and inclusive. But not very smart. By this I mean that the LOA will work round the clock to match your vibration and bring you more of the same but will never ask, is what I'm vibrating and what I'm matching good for me?, is what I'm attracting in my best interest? Is what I'm vibrating and getting more of moving me forward towards success?

Remember the LOA is inclusive, so if your thinking about the lack of something that you don't yet have for instance, than the LOA will sense this lack vibration and, yes, you guessed it, bring you more lack.

Because of this fact we must be the ones who begin to "MIND OUR VIBRATION". Each one of us must begin the task of deliberately vibrating positive energy around those things we want to create for ourselves.

Business success or lack there of is no exception to this rule. If you're looking to increase your wealth and go to the next lever in your business begin to think and subsequently vibrate that which you want to create Ask yourself questions and day dream often about what that success will be like? For example, imagine as often during the day as you can to how will you feel once you have arrived? What changes in your life you'll make once you have all the money you ever wanted? Visualize it. Write about it as if it's already happening,

When using the LOA deliberately to get what you want, always talk about what you want to create in positive terms. For example, when talking or thinking about what you want your successful business to look like use phrases like:

I am so excited about (the positive outcome your wanting). A perfect day in my business is when (the positive outcome your wanting) I know how good I will feel once (the positive outcome your wanting) I am taking the actions I need to to in order to create (the positive outcome your wanting) It feels so good thinking about (the positive outcome your wanting) I deserve (the positive outcome your wanting)

Get the idea? By surrounding the idea of what you want in such a positive way you are changing your vibration around this idea to one of positive vebrational energy and as a result you're deliberately attracting that positive result .you're seeking

Have fun with this, be gentle with yourselves and keep practicing. Beginning to use the LOA is like working out. The more you work with this the stronger and more successful you will become. And always remember to MIND YOUR VIBRATION.

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